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Ü Programming Language


Ü is a statically-typed compiled programming language.

The main goal of the language is a safety, but not with cost of bad performance and/or verbosity.

Read overview for more information.

Language Development

Ü is an open-source software, distributed under the terms of BSD-3 license. Anyone can participate in its development.

Ü compiler is based on LLVM library.

There are two compilers of Ü - Compiler0, written in C++ and Compiler1 - written (mostly) in Ü.


Documentation is available here: russian, english.

For now only documentation for the language itself exists, but not for the standard library or for the compiler. But you can help extending it or writing documentation for other languages.

There are also some basic usage examples of different language features, available here.

Development readiness

Ü as language is already pretty developed. It contains most features required for effective coding.

The compiler is relatively stable and fast and may be used without problems. It can even compile itself (Compiler1 version, obviously).

Ü has a small (for now) standard library with basic routines and containers (vector, optional, variant, etc.). But there is no yet any functionality for system interaction (time, files, network), for now C standard library functions may be used for this.

Ü includes also a language server that helps a lot during development. It can be used with any IDE that supports the Language Server Protocol.

Ü project includes syntax highlighting rules for some text editors/IDEs. It is not so hard to write your own syntax highlighting file if there is no such file for your IDE/text editor yet.

There is also a converter of C headers, that may help in creation of C bindings. It is especially helpful until Ü has no big ecosystem of native (written in Ü) libraries.

For now there is no any Ü-specific build system. But it’s possible to build Ü programs with CMake (via custom commands) and perhaps via make.

Also Ü have no package management system and/or package repositories.

Source code. Contributions are welcome!


Web Demo

ProgrammingLanguages Discord channel

Compiler downloads

GNU/Linux build

Windows build

You can build Ü compiler and tools for other systems from the source code. See more information in the project repository.


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